As companies in North America continue to seek ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency, outsourcing custom software development has become an increasingly popular option. One country that is emerging as a top destination for outsourcing is Zimbabwe. Here are some reasons why North American companies should consider outsourcing their software development needs to Zimbabwe.

English Proficiency

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing to Zimbabwe is that English is the official language of the country, which means that communication is easy and straightforward. Zimbabwe’s English proficiency rating is among the highest in Africa, with a score of 63.83 on the EF English Proficiency Index. This makes it easy for North American companies to communicate effectively with their outsourced teams and ensure that their requirements are met.

Education and Graduation Rates

Another advantage of outsourcing to Zimbabwe is the high level of education in the country. Zimbabwe has a strong tradition of higher education, with a literacy rate of around 90% and an estimated 10% of the population having a university degree. In addition, Zimbabwe has a well-established system of higher education, with several universities and other tertiary institutions offering a range of degree programs in various fields.

In terms of graduates, Zimbabwe produces thousands of university graduates each year, with over 14,000 students graduating from the country’s universities in 2019. This represents a significant pool of skilled workers who are able to contribute to the country’s growing tech industry, as well as to the global software development sector.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing to Zimbabwe offers North American companies significant cost savings compared to hiring in-house developers or outsourcing to other countries. Zimbabwe has a low cost of living and relatively low wages compared to North America, meaning that companies can access a highly skilled workforce at a lower cost.

Google’s Educational Programs in Zimbabwe

Google is one of the companies that has recognized the potential of Zimbabwe’s tech industry, and has launched a number of educational programs in the country to help develop the skills of local software developers. One of the programs is the Google Developer Student Clubs, which aims to empower students to use technology to solve real-world problems.


With its high level of education, English proficiency, and low costs, Zimbabwe is a compelling destination for North American companies seeking to outsource their software development needs. The country’s growing tech industry, along with the support of companies like Google, is helping to establish Zimbabwe as a leading destination for outsourcing in Africa and beyond.